DaBearsBlog Picks Contest & Saturday Games Thread

| December 22nd, 2011

Side note I: Remember how well those Texans were dealing with losing their quarterback?

Side note II: I will be away from my minute-to-minute duties for most of this holiday weekend. Happy everything to all who’ve made this site their home. We’re braving a shit month but we shall rally and rebound. (And the Weekend Show will continue throughout the offseason.)

Da Picks Contest РSemifinals 

We’re down to the final four. This week’s rules are altered slightly.

  • Each of the contestants must select three games on Saturday.
  • You also must pick the Bears v. Packers Sunday night game.
  • The tiebreaker: Josh McCown’s passer rating.

The Lines

CHIEFS -2 Raiders / Broncos -3 BILLS / TITANS -7 Jags / BENGALS -4 Cardinals / PATRIOTS -9.5 Dolphins / RAVENS -12.5 Browns / JETS -3 Giants / REDSKINS -6.5 Vikings / PANTHERS -7.5 Bucs / LIONS -2.5 Chargers / 49ers -2.5 SEAHAWKS / COWBOYS -1.5 Eagles / PACKERS -13 Bears / SAINTS -6.5 Falcons

My Five Favorite Christmas Films of All-Time

#5. Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas. The 1977 Jim Henson-produced TV special is one of the more endearingly simple holiday films you’ll ever see. It also has a few classic Paul Williams tracks. For a great clip, click here.

#4. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Give me this modern masterpiece over that weird, stop-motion Rudolph film where he goes to an island of “misfit” toys and there’s the gay kid in the box. Sure I like hearing Burl Ives sing Silver & Gold but I’d take just about anything by Danny Elfman has ever made over it.

#3. A Christmas Story. I blame the TNT network for this film’s fall on my list to the third position. I just can’t handle the round-the-clock airings that seem to start sometime in late September. Still, think of the iconic imagery from this movie: tongue on the frozen post, stocking lamp, “you’ll shoot your eye out”, the bunny costume…etc. A classic film for any season.

#2. Scrooged. George C. Scott was a great Scrooge. So was Michael Caine in The Muppet Christmas Carol. But Bill Murray begins developing the hard-edged character with a hole to fill that he perfected in Groundhog Day here. His Scrooge is a bastard and comes to learn the meaning of love and Christmas by getting the shit kicked out of him. Ain’t that the way it should be?

#1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. And it ain’t even close.