Audibles From the Long Snapper: Enter Angry Jay

| September 19th, 2011


He was pissed off, standing by himself down from the remainder of the Chicago Bears roster.  The quarterback was tired of getting shellacked every time he dropped back to pass and rightly so.  But he wasn’t pouting, no sir.  He was standing by himself watching the action on the field and hoping for another opportunity to throw the football and score some points.  He had already hollered at every coach, every lineman, every trainer, every Bears fan within an ear shot.  One thing was very, very clear.  Jay Cutler was done.

Now is his moment.  Now is his time.  Cutler has an opportunity to show the Chicago Bears media and faithful that he is bigger than the general manager and coaching staff.  Bigger than the protection schemes that refuse to protect him.  Bigger than all the mistakes being made in and around Halas Hall.  Jay Cutler is the franchise quarterback.  His silence and calm demeanor are no longer required.


The quote: “They sent more than we were expecting.  And as a unit we didn’t adjust to it.”  If this is the case, it is grounds for firing multiple individuals.  When a playwright/blogger knows what the opponent’s game plan is going to be, and writes about it every day for a week, yet the offensive coordinator doesn’t, we have a problem.  For christ sake, I know every lyric to West Side Story!  I’m not supposed to be better prepared for football games than the Bears offense!

From Mike Silver’s piece:

Finally, after two consecutive embarrassing performances, the Saints’ defense came up huge in a 30-13 victory over the Bears. In a clear sign that New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams got the best of Chicago offensive coordinator Mike Martz (and both are very, very shrewd strategists), Bears quarterback Jay Cutler(notes) was hit repeatedly and sacked six times. “We kicked their ass,” said one Saints defender. “They refuse to block blitzes. It was unbelievable how much we hit Cutler.”


Look at the statistics from Sunday’s loss to the Saints and you’ll notice something: outside the Devery Henderson bomb TD, the Saints wide receivers had about 60 yards of total output.  The Bears corners played a good game.  But the defense could not defend Jimmy Graham – as also predicted on this site every day for the entire week.


After a thrilling Week One performance by you boys below, not a single individual had a perfect Week Two.  The reason why is simple.  The Bears beat about 90% of you and the failure of Cowboys receiver Jessie Holley to gain one more yard in overtime cost the other 10%.

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